Quick update! AND date of first masterclass set,

Hi everyone, I just wanted to apologise for the delay in announcing successful applicants’ names. It’s coordinating the last stages which is taking more time than expected. I will let you all know by next Monday at the very latest. In the meantime, please be aware that the following is the date  for the first masterclass, which willContinue reading “Quick update! AND date of first masterclass set,”

Peter Kalu on voice, publishing and the barriers BAME writers face:

Peter Kalu is a poet, novelist, playwright and script writer. He started writing as a member of the Moss Side Write black writers workshop and has had five novels, two film scripts and three theatre plays produced to date, winning a number of prizes in the process. I interviewed him ahead of his upcoming appearance at BareContinue reading “Peter Kalu on voice, publishing and the barriers BAME writers face:”

Lee and Low: publishing diversity infographic

Lee and Low publishers in the USA have produced this intriguing infographic. Trends in the UK are likely to be similar. Note the male/female divide closing at executive level… http://publishingperspectives.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Lee-and-Low-infographic.jpg   http://publishingperspectives.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Lee-and-Low-infographic.jpg

Bobby Nayar on diversity in publishing

“Ten years ago, I believed that working within the industry was the only way to effect change. Now I believe that entrepreneurship is the only way forward – for authors to be more savvy about promoting their books, for individuals to spot niches and move quickly to capitalize on them, and for people who feelContinue reading “Bobby Nayar on diversity in publishing”

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