Bias & representation – links

This fantastic speech delivered by Nikesh Shukla recognises the importance of representation in children’s books. I’ve heard people (white people, inevitably) dismiss those concerned with better, wider representation in children’s books as ‘worthy’. As a mixed race person like Nikesh’s daughter, I can assure you that worthy is not a description that’s ever occurred to me. EssentialContinue reading “Bias & representation – links”

Second masterclass: hook, cake, hake.

We were really pleased to welcome Catherine Johnson (and her cake) to the Writing West Midlands’ meeting room for the second masterclass of Megaphone. Catherine focused on story: from your first chapter, can the reader tell what the story is about or  not? She brought us back again and again to the fact that aContinue reading “Second masterclass: hook, cake, hake.”

Kirkus: unmaking the White default

Kirkus reviews, for those who don’t know, is a highly influential, USA based body of reviewers. A starred Kirkus review is something that authors fling their hats in the air, squee and dance about. So I was really interested to read this:   I think it’s a good move. I also like the fact that they’veContinue reading “Kirkus: unmaking the White default”

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