Out of Heart by Irfan Master – review and interview

Adam’s grandfather has died, and his family feels broken. But then a strange man with a scar on his chest appears at the door and walks into Adam’s life. William is the recipient of Adam’s grandfather’s donated heart, and something has drawn him to the grieving family. As events unfold, and the secret tragedy ofContinue reading “Out of Heart by Irfan Master – review and interview”

Waterstone’s children’s book prize winners 2017

Belated but very sincere congratulations to the winners: Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Patrice Lawrence and Lizzy Stewart. Especially pleased to see Patrice Lawrence recognised – she led a fantastic masterclass for Megaphone, and the writers are thrilled to have worked with yet another prize-winning author. https://www.waterstones.com/category/cultural-highlights/book-awards/the-waterstones-childrens-book-prize/2017

Short Course: Writing Children’s & Young Adult Fiction: Get Started!

This short course isn’t a Megaphone event,  but it is being taught by Leila Rasheed (me) and organised by Writing West Midlands, one of Megaphone’s key supporters. It begins on May 3rd and runs for six weeks. If you are curious about writing for children, or don’t feel ready yet to apply to Megaphone butContinue reading “Short Course: Writing Children’s & Young Adult Fiction: Get Started!”

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