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Community is… a free pilot online programme that we’re offering in 2020 – 2022 with the hope of making it a permanent part of Megaphone. It is for people of colour who want to write for children or teenagers. It allows writers to get free support that is more low stakes and casual than the mentoring scheme (mentees are also part of the Community). It was initially offered to everyone who applied to Megaphone, but since then we have welcomed new members and will be welcoming 15 more through the Knights of and RCW Literary Agency workshop – apply here:

It is very important for me to have this space as it introduced me to authors who look and sound like me, who understand my protagonists and also my worries.

megaphone community member

You get…

A private, moderated discussion forum focused on writing for children, hosted on Band for no adverts and better privacy settings.

IN CONVERSATION: live video interviews and Q&As with published children’s authors of colour, discussing their creative practice with an expert reader. Recorded so you can watch them later. Read more: Megaphone Community: In Conversation

OPEN DOOR: forthnightly opportunities to hear from and chat to people who work in children’s publishing, curated by Stephanie King, Commissioning Editor at Usborne Publishing. Recorded so you can watch them later. Read more: OPEN DOOR

Your events are fantastic and so informative, friendly and accessible!

– megaphone community member

To be part of a community of practice which is shaped by you. We aim for Community to be a supportive, kind and exciting place for writers to help each other develop creatively. OPEN DOOR and IN CONVERSATION are the ‘spine’ of Community, but so much more can happen. For example, we recently carried out an anonymous survey of members to find out what was working well and what could be better (the quotes on this page come from there) . Feedback told us Community wanted 1) more feedback on their writing and 2) more writing workshops, so Leila has started writers’ surgeries to focus on craft and critique, Stephanie is reading submission packages and we’re facilitating peer critique groups, including by giving members use of our Zoom Pro account as a ‘virtual meeting room’ (safeguarding rules are in place). We want Community to be a space that is led by and adapts to what its members want, so we will frequently be asking for your feedback, opinions and ideas and as far as budget and practicalities allow, we will act on them or help you to act. Community is what you make it!

“It is the camaraderie which has done wonders for motivation and to keep persisting.”

– Megaphone community member
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discuss writing, form writing groups, find beta readers, celebrate the good and support each other

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