Our past work

“(Megaphone)… created a safe community for us to be ourselves, to laugh, to cry and to be confident enough to say ‘I’m having a hard time with this’ when we weren’t feeling things were going right. “ – anonymous participant feedback (2017)

2015 – 2017
The Megaphone Writer Development Scheme ran from 2015 – 2017 with funding from Arts Council England, The Publishers’ Association, Melissa Cox and in kind support from Writing West Midlands as well as many editors and agents. It supported 5 writers: Maisie Chan, Danielle Jawando, Nafisa Muhtadi, Joyce Efia-Harmer and Avantika Taneja.

A brief self-evaluation report is available here: https://www.publishers.org.uk/activities/inclusivity/specialists/megaphone/report-on-megaphone/

There is a full self-evaluation report which you can request from Leila at megaphone.write@gmail.com 

Avantika Taneja has written a report on her experience as a mentee here: https://www.publishers.org.uk/activities/inclusivity/specialists/megaphone/graduating-from-megaphone/


Danielle wrote her first draft on Megaphone: out 2020 from Simon and Schuster


Maisie Chan is a Megaphone graduate and now runs Bubble Tea
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