Get involved

I want to apply to the Mentoring and Community scheme
We’re not currently open to applications, but we hope we will be soon – check back soon or follow our blog/ Twitter @MegaphoneWrite for updates.

I’d like to donate cash/ my company or organisation would like to fund you
As a not-for-profit we can now accept donations, either through the PayPal button at the bottom of the page, or to our Starling bank account (contact us for account details). Cash donations help us offer more free and discounted places on the mentoring scheme, and more events and opportunities for people of colour who want to write for children or teenagers, ultimately leading to better bookshelves for every child in the country (and beyond!).

I am interested in being a Megaphone mentor
Wonderful! We’d love to hear from you. Our mentors are published authors of children’s or YA literature. Ideally you would have some mentoring or critiquing experience too, although training can be provided. Because we think it’s important for this to continue to be an organisation which is led by writers of colour, we particularly look for writers of colour to be mentors. For more information and to express interest, please email Leila on or via Contact Us. Mentoring is paid, freelance work and we pay according to recommended rates set by industry bodies such as The Society of Authors and NAWE.

I’m an editor or another type of publishing professional and I would like to be involved
Thank you! We are hugely grateful to all the editors, agents and other publishing professionals who have volunteered their time to help Megaphone writers become better writers for children. To date this has involved Q&A sessions and giving feedback on (short) pieces of writing, synopses, etc, but we are open to creative ideas that help you find the talent you need! Please contact us to register your interest and tell us how you’d like to be involved.

I am a person of colour who is involved in children’s literature and I am interested in being on the advisory board of Megaphone Writers C.i.c.

We want to be accountable to the community of writers we serve, and so in 2022 we are starting to look for an advisory board who would be involved for a few hours every year, discussing what our priorities should be and helping us set a direction that’s effective and inclusive. This is a voluntary role which could lead to being a director of the C.i.c. To read more about Megaphone Writers C.i.c. please look us up on Companies House and/ or email Leila Rasheed on to express an interest or ask for more information.

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