Here are some of the lovely comments we’ve received.

“Through its combination of workshops, editorial support, author mentoring and general advice, (Megaphone), Leila and Stephanie have transformed my confidence, my writing and my ability to tell a story. The authors and editors they brought in were unbelievable in the knowledge, support and inspiration they provided and I wouldn’t be where I am without this scheme. I am very fortunate to have been a mentee, thank you Megaphone!”

Nazima Pathan, Megaphone Mentee (2022), now represented by Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

“I want to say a huge thank you to both of you as without Megaphone I
would have not have got to this point!” (signing with ASH Literary Agency)  “The scheme helped me so much with my writing and also having access to agents via the scheme and the open door session in the Community helped me to make this decision with some prior knowledge on what to look out for in an agent. “

Abimbola Fashola, Megaphone Mentee (2022)
Alka Handa, Megaphone Mentee (2022)

“When I look back to the start of my year with Megaphone, I remember feeling a bag of nerves, uncertain whether I was up to the challenge of turning my dream of becoming a writer into a reality. From the beginning, Leila and Stephanie were so warm and supportive and incredibly generous with their time and advice. As my mentor, Leila helped me to believe in myself and showed me ways of becoming more skilled at my craft, to the extent that I now have a 90,000-word YA novel which I feel content with and can’t wait to share with the writing community. Not only that, but I also feel ready for the challenge, having gained so much insight into the publishing industry through the masterclasses, open door sessions and Q&As with agents and editors. I would really encourage writers of colour to engage with Megaphone for a supportive writing community, full of warmth and inspiration. I hope that their amazing work continues to thrive and benefit others ad infinitum.”

Alka Handa, Megaphone Mentee (2022)

“For me, Megaphone has been a wonderful safe haven, both friendly and informative. Leila and Stephanie are absolute stars with patience and kindness and are always generous with their support and responses. They have so much experience and knowledge of the industry it’s like golden sparkly dust. A look behind a very heavy curtain. One I wouldn’t have been able to pull back on my own. The publishing world is daunting, and having a constant where you can discuss topics with others, ask questions and get answers is invaluable. Megaphone is a wonderful community for writers of colour at all stages of their careers. I can’t speak highly enough about them and hope they continue with their outstanding work.”

Farrah Riaz, Megaphone Community Member (2022)

“My year on Megaphone has been a whirlwind from beginning to end. I have never been on a writing scheme where there has been so much support and guidance, as well as a phenomenal range of masterclasses, open door sessions and ask the editor/agent events. Truly astonishing. Leila and Stephanie show boundless generosity with their time, commitment and advice. They truly believe in us as writers and have been with us along every step of the way. I have achieved such a huge amount during my year, including writing from scratch my Middle Grade novel of 55,000 words. This would have been impossible without the structure and inspiration provided by Megaphone. I am also hugely grateful to my mentor during the year, the hugely gifted writer Danielle Jawando, who helped me through a minefield of my questions and insecurities, not least when I abandoned my first choice of book and came up with a second idea. Thank you, everyone at Megaphone, for everything!”

Iqbal Hussein, Megaphone Mentee (2022)
Habon Jama, Megaphone Community Member (2022)

“Writing can be a very lonely craft and for a while it was for me until I was introduced to Megaphone. This is such a supportive community, run by two inspirational women of colour. I’ve had to opportunity to have my work critiqued by agents and editors and receive instant feedback, something that wasn’t open to me before Megaphone. I’m always excited for the amazing Open Door and In Conversation sessions, they are extremely fruitful and I always leave with a sense of optimism and dedication to get my stories out into the world and provide mirrors for underrepresented children. This wouldn’t be possible without the hand Megaphone have extended out to me. Megaphone are doing an extremely important job by helping writers from diverse background and equipping us with the tools we need to succeed in this industry. I am hugely grateful for Megaphone and always will be. “

Habon Jama, Megaphone Community Member (2022)
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