Megaphone writer to appear in Scoop

Delighted to say that Nafisa Muhtadi, currently on the Megaphone scheme, has impressed the editor at Scoop Magazine and will be published alongside names such as Neil Gaiman, Tom Stoppard and Jacqueline Wilson! This will be her first print publication credit. Scoop is an exciting newspaper for children aged 8 – 12, with experienced andContinue reading “Megaphone writer to appear in Scoop”

Meet Megaphone at the London Book Fair

Unbelievable as it may seem, Megaphone is coming to the end of its scheduled one-year run. This is the time to show off everything that the talented and hard-working writers on the programme – in no particular order, Danielle Jawando, Joyce Efia Harmer, Nafisa Muhtadi, Tina Freeth (Maisie Chan) and Avantika Taneja – have  achievedContinue reading “Meet Megaphone at the London Book Fair”

Finding The Story: Tina Freeth

A guest post by Megaphone participant Tina Freeth, on the amazing milestone that is completing the first draft of your first novel!  FINDING THE STORY by Tina Freeth As 2017 started, like previous years before I had half-heartedly declared some resolutions…the same old ones…lose some weight, see friends more, learn a language, learn to play aContinue reading “Finding The Story: Tina Freeth”

Megaphone participant speaks up for libraries

Read Tina’s powerful piece in defence of her local library here. Libraries are factories for producing writers – anyone who values reading should stand up for them!      

Exciting BAME writing opportunity from Stripes publisher

I’ve often wished that the children’s and YA world had the strong  short fiction scene that adult fiction has. It can be tough writing novel after novel with no agent or publisher on board – short fiction, aside from its own real value as a distinct art form, provides a chance to gain publication creditsContinue reading “Exciting BAME writing opportunity from Stripes publisher”

A great end to 2016

Our final masterclass of 2016 took place on December 3rd with Alex Wheatle MBE, who challenged us to write outside our comfort zones and drew some strong, angry writing out of the five Megaphone participants. Alex recently won the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize for Crongton Knights, his second YA novel. With Patrice Lawrence recently shortlistedContinue reading “A great end to 2016”

Joyce selected for #WriteNow London

Following the last blog, I’m thrilled to congratulate Joyce Efia Harmer on making it all the way to the  shortlist of Penguin Random House’s London #WriteNowLive programme. She is one of 17 writers selected from over a thousand applications! The programme is also running open days in Birmingham and Manchester; if you are inspired byContinue reading “Joyce selected for #WriteNow London”

Megaphone participants’ recent success:

It’s great to start the week with some good news about Megaphone participants – obviously we know they are talented writers who’ll go far, but it’s good to see that being recognised elsewhere too! Joyce Efia Harmer has been shortlisted to take part in the Penguin Random House taster day #WriteNow- her entry stood out from overContinue reading “Megaphone participants’ recent success:”

A list of British BAME children’s authors

Ever since starting Megaphone I’ve thought ‘I must make a list of all the British BAME authors for children and teenagers and put it on the site.’ But time, and life, and stuff. Now the wonderful @mattlibrarian has done it, hooray!

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