Review: Jump Up! A story of Carnival

Review of a gorgeous new picture book celebrating the roots of Carnival by @GPI_Archive and @kenwilsonmax @ace_national @clpe1

Happy holiday message to all Megaphone writers and friends!

Hard to believe, but we’re nearly at the end of 2021! This was always going to be a difficult year, for everyone, but I am so proud of how it has gone. I am glad we took the decision to go wholly online – yes, we missed the lack of face-to-face interaction, but we alsoContinue reading “Happy holiday message to all Megaphone writers and friends!”

Statement from Megaphone – August 2021

The exchanges on Twitter of the past week (please see the links below) have left many people in children’s literature feeling isolated, upset, angry and sad. This includes members of our Megaphone community. At a member’s request we provided an informal opportunity for our community to discuss the topic and air views if they wantedContinue reading “Statement from Megaphone – August 2021”

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