2021 mentee secures agent!

We’re a little late with this one (blame August) but very excited to hear that one of our Megaphone mentees in 2021 – 2022, Zareena Subhani, has secured agent representation from Kemi Ogunsanwo at The Good Agency. Congratulations to both parties!https://www.thegoodliteraryagency.org/about/kemi/

Review: Jump Up! A story of Carnival

Review of a gorgeous new picture book celebrating the roots of Carnival by @GPI_Archive and @kenwilsonmax @ace_national @clpe1

Happy holiday message to all Megaphone writers and friends!

Hard to believe, but we’re nearly at the end of 2021! This was always going to be a difficult year, for everyone, but I am so proud of how it has gone. I am glad we took the decision to go wholly online – yes, we missed the lack of face-to-face interaction, but we alsoContinue reading “Happy holiday message to all Megaphone writers and friends!”

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