“Ten years ago, I believed that working within the industry was the only way to effect change. Now I believe that entrepreneurship is the only way forward – for authors to be more savvy about promoting their books, for individuals to spot niches and move quickly to capitalize on them, and for people who feel disenfranchised to do something for themselves. In 2016 don’t expect anyone else to create the cultural environment you want to see. Pursuing your own vision will be the hardest thing you do. It will also be the most rewarding.”

Read the full post here: http://publishingperspectives.com/2016/01/3-reasons-uk-publishers-not-buying-into-diversity/?utm_source=EQUIP+Newsletter&utm_campaign=2f3c05d3f9-EQUIP_Newsletter_January_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2de6bb1556-2f3c05d3f9-38839081#.VrDryLKLRD-

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