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This fantastic speech delivered by Nikesh Shukla recognises the importance of representation in children’s books. I’ve heard people (white people, inevitably) dismiss those concerned with better, wider representation in children’s books as ‘worthy’. As a mixed race person like Nikesh’s daughter, I can assure you that worthy is not a description that’s ever occurred to me. Essential for my survival, yes. Worthy no.  Hard to explain but to see yourself in books is to be assured you deserve to exist. For those on the outside, it may look like a worthy crusade; to those on the inside, it is walking across the desert to get to the oasis. Read and share:

I’m delighted to read that Creative Access have found alternative funding to continue their essential work. Here, Josie Dobrin blogs about a topic that is very important if publishing is not only to recruit, but to retain, BAME employees.

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