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Unbelievable as it may seem, Megaphone is coming to the end of its scheduled one-year run. This is the time to show off everything that the talented and hard-working writers on the programme – in no particular order, Danielle Jawando, Joyce Efia Harmer, Nafisa Muhtadi, Tina Freeth (Maisie Chan) and Avantika Taneja – have  achieved over the past year. It’s also the moment to evaluate the programme itself. What did Megaphone get right? What could we have done better? How can we improve for next time?
I’m very excited to announce that, as part of this celebration and evaluation, we’re going to be presenting a seminar at the London Book Fair 2017 on March 14th 2017

This is an opportunity to
– hear more about the scheme and how it has run in its first year
– hear the five writers read from the novels they have written during the scheme
– ask questions of myself (Leila Rasheed) and the five writers about any aspect of the scheme
– make your voice heard on the important topic of inclusion and diversity in British children’s literature

The full venue details are on the London Book Fair site:

Please note that (unless you already have one) you’ll have to buy a visitor ticket to the London Book Fair 2017 to access the seminar. It is, however, excellent value and highly recommended! For tickets, please see this link:

If you cannot get to the seminar, but still would like to comment on any aspect of Megaphone, or to contact me at all, I’d be delighted to hear from you on: .

– Leila

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Writer and runs Megaphone: a writer development scheme for people of colour who want to write for children. Tweets @MegaphoneWrite and @LeilaR

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