Introducing Megaphone Writers C.i.c.

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I’m very happy to announce that I (Leila Rasheed) and Stephanie King are the first directors of Megaphone Writers C.i.c. , a new not-for-profit set up to continue and develop the work of the Megaphone Writer Development Scheme.
A C.i.c. or Community Interest Company is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit a community rather than private shareholders. Any profit it makes is legally bound to be used for the benefit of the community, which for Megaphone Writers C.i.c. is “actual and aspiring writers of Children’s and YA literature from Black, Asian and other Ethnic Minority heritages in Britain”. Everything we do will be focused on benefitting this group.

You can read our formal statement of community interest below:

We’ve done this in order to ensure that Megaphone Writer Development Scheme is sustainable for, and accountable to, people of colour who want to write for children and teenagers. At the moment, there is no writer development organisation that focuses specifically on this group. We think there should be one. Diversity is not a trend.
You can read more in this Book Brunch article:

As the year goes on, we will be seeking to form an advisory board who will guide Megaphone Writers C.i.c. ‘s future direction, and may want to become directors. We are especially looking for people who are creators of children’s and YA literature, who come from racialised and/or ethnic minority groups, who believe in the basic principles of Megaphone Writers C.i.c. and who are excited about helping more people of colour to get into writing for children and take up the space that belongs to them. If this is you, please email Leila on megaphone.write AT to express interest!

You can read more about Megaphone Writers C.i.c. on the Companies House website (search for Megaphone Writers here ).

If you’d like, you can donate to the C.i.c. via Paypal at the bottom of this page. We will use any donations to create more mentoring places, events, courses and opportunities for people of colour who want to get involved in Children’s and YA literature in Britain. Thank you!

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Writer and runs Megaphone: a writer development scheme for people of colour who want to write for children. Tweets @MegaphoneWrite and @LeilaR

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  1. I’m so glad to see this progress and continue to wish you all the best in the world for it, standing on the sidelines and cheering you for all I’m worth!

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