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The last of the mail shot!
The last of the mail shot!

I thought I’d do a quick update about what’s going on with Megaphone at the moment. Basically, it’s all about getting the word out, so please, do pass the news of this great opportunity on to anyone you know who who could benefit from it. I have just been at the Writers’ Toolkit event – Writing West Midlands’ annual writing conference, held at Birmingham University – where I sat on two panels and had lots of interesting and inspiring chats with writers about Megaphone. Everyone was so positive – so if I saw you there, thank you!
I’ve also just finished addressing the last of the mail shot which I’m sending out to every England-based university that teaches creative writing even slightly. Wow, that was an odyssey. Mostly because of the mysterious ways of printers (will print only entire document, not individual page; will only ever print page 2 skewed, etc.). Anyway, it is now DONE – despite having taken about a week longer than I expected, entirely due to my printer – and is going out. I wanted to send a paper mail shot in this case (rather than email) because I know how many emails departments can be deluged with, and besides there are some nice flyers which I think would look lovely on a departmental noticeboard. If you would like some of these for your local arts centre, library, etc. please do email me at and I will happily send you some (but please, only if you’re sure they’ll be accepted – sometimes venues are happy to take flyers and sometimes they aren’t, in my experience).

Oh and finally – this exciting event is coming up soon in Wolverhampton: I love archives, love history and would love to go to this – but am booked onto another event at the same time. Anyone who can go, though – I’m sure it will be brilliant and inspiring (and could inspire a historical novel for children, your Megaphone project? 🙂 )

Happy writing!


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