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The Inclusive Minds Collective are launching a new phase of the “Everybody In” social media campaign, which encourages children’s books to include ALL children. It aims to remind everyone of the need to write, illustrate, publish, sell, buy, borrow and explore diverse and inclusive books.
Inclusive Minds’ goals are very much in harmony with Megaphone’s and I’m delighted to support them. This is their website: where you can sign up to their newsletter.

If you want to join in #EverybodyIn, here are some suggestions of what you could be doing:

  • Declaring your support for the campaign – this might be just a simple tweet about the need for more inclusive/diverse books, or perhaps you’d even be willing to join those who are tweeting photos of themselves with a sign saying “I’m In”. (I’ll be doing this! Ideally once I’ve managed to make myself look presentable J )
  • Retweeting campaign tweets from @InclusiveMinds
  • Relating the campaign to something you are already doing or a something you are planning to do, be it a book, a project or an event.
  • Reminding people whythis is so important, e.g. “I’m in because….”
  • If you’re a publisher or bookseller, sharing the fact that you have signed up to the Inclusive Minds charter and/or urging others to do the same.
  • If you already know all about it, introducing the campaign to new people
  • Following and adding #EverybodyIn to your tweets.

Look out for @InclusiveMinds tweets, starting later this week, to signal the start of #EverybodyIn!


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