Megaphone x RCW and Knights Of workshop

We’re really happy to announce we’re working with RCW Literary Agency and Knights Of to support new children’s/ YA writers of colour. Their workshop will reserve 15 places for existing Megaphone Community members and offer a further 15 places to new attendees.

Megaphone Community is a community of practice for writers of colour who want to write for children or teenagers. It was first offered to support everyone who applied for Megaphone mentoring this year. Last time we ran the mentoring scheme, I hated the thought of saying ‘No’ to so many people, and as a writer, I knew how frustrating it was to apply for competetive schemes and get nowhere. I also knew that for writers of colour working in children’s literature, it was often quite isolating. So Community was designed to offer an online space for every applicant to get some ongoing support: a well to dip into when necessary, a place to ask questions and talk about writing. There’s a programme of free events (all online, we use Band and Zoom to deliver Megaphone Community at the moment), including six IN CONVERSATIONS with people like Serena Patel and Jasmine Richards. Stephanie King, Usborne Commissioning Editor, is available fortnightly to answer any questions about publishing you might have, no matter how daft you might think them! These are recorded, so if you join in September you can watch them back. Following a survey of what members want, we’re starting to offer individualised feedback on submission packages and regular Writers’ Surgeries, too. Most importantly, Community will keep on evolving – and you could be a part of it.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you! Apply here:

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