Spread the Word publishes interview with Leila Rasheed

(let’s face, it’s just me typing this. I don’t know whether to refer to myself in the third person, or with the royal ‘we’, or what. Also, I’m sorry there are still no pictures on this blog). Anyway, Spread the Word are the writer¬†development agency for London – which is a massive responsibility I shouldContinue reading “Spread the Word publishes interview with Leila Rasheed”

Megaphone is now open for applications!

Come one, come all! We take applications until 24th December 2014, and will long-list them all together after that date¬†(so there’s no need to rush to be the first to send yours in). Read through the FAQs Page first of all, and check you have all the information you need. Then go to the HowContinue reading “Megaphone is now open for applications!”

We need Creative Access!

So I just went on Twitter and saw this: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/creative-access-funding-313802?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Creative Access, the charity which brings young Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority people into publishing internships, may lose its funding next year unless a new source is found. I am not a publishing expert, nor am I a charities expert, but I am kind ofContinue reading “We need Creative Access!”

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