Meet Tina, Megaphone Participant

  Leila: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing life so far? Have you been writing long, and what drew you to writing for children and teenagers? Tina: About me? Well, that is quite a story in itself but I’m not sure I have enough room to fit everything in, soContinue reading “Meet Tina, Megaphone Participant”

Meet Avantika, Megaphone participant

I’m interviewing the first ever Megaphone participants, giving those who follow the blog and have an interest in Megaphone an insight into the people who’ll be on the scheme. Today, Avantika Taneja tells us a bit about herself and her writing and her hopes for Megaphone. Leila: Can you tell us a bit about yourselfContinue reading “Meet Avantika, Megaphone participant”

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