Finding The Story: Tina Freeth

A guest post by Megaphone participant Tina Freeth, on the amazing milestone that is completing the first draft of your first novel!  FINDING THE STORY by Tina Freeth As 2017 started, like previous years before I had half-heartedly declared some resolutions…the same old ones…lose some weight, see friends more, learn a language, learn to play aContinue reading “Finding The Story: Tina Freeth”

Megaphone participant speaks up for libraries

Read Tina’s powerful piece in defence of her local library here. Libraries are factories for producing writers – anyone who values reading should stand up for them!      

Meet Tina, Megaphone Participant

  Leila: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing life so far? Have you been writing long, and what drew you to writing for children and teenagers? Tina: About me? Well, that is quite a story in itself but I’m not sure I have enough room to fit everything in, soContinue reading “Meet Tina, Megaphone Participant”

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